5 Reasons Why SEO is Important?

Search Engine Optimization
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a digital marketing tool which helps to improve the rank of a website in a search engine result and increase the quality and quantity of the traffic to the website. A higher rank will increase the visibility of the website when a user search for a specific term. Everyone knows SEO is important in this competitive market as it helps in increasing the searchability and visibility of a website. In fact, SEO offer real values which truly assist the modern business! Now, we are going to share the 5 reasons why SEO is important for your business or brand.

1. Trustworthy
Some users tend to see ranking as the recommendation from the search engine. They will thought a higher rank means a trustable website that recommended by the search engine. In this case, they will trust your business and become your potential customers.

2. Quality Web Traffic
With SEO, your website will increase the organic search engine traffic, which increase the number of visitors to your website. Since the visitors are coming from organic search engine traffic, it means that your business is related to them. Therefore, it is highly possible that the traffic will turn into conversion rate.

3. Save Money From Paid Ads
Even though Pay-Per-Click Ads are shown above the organic ranking, statistic shows up majority users still click on the organic result located at the first page. It is because the users think that the advertisement is being paid to be located at the highest place, so they prefer to click into the website that the search engine generated as the best result.

4. Long Term Strategy
SEO can produce a noticeable result when it is implemented at the first year. Even the SEO pattern is evolved follow by the trend and market, the website which implemented SEO still have a better SEO practices than a basic one. Therefore, the good practices still will generate good result that lasts for many years. The more time, budget and effort you put into SEO, the more your website stands out from the competitors.

5. Better User Experience
When you are creating good content and optimizing your website to improve the SEO, it is also improving the user experience for your website too. The search engines will be easy to choose the content they need from your website and then relate to the visitors. More potential customers will be able to reach to your website which can increase your conversion rate indirectly. In conclusion, a good SEO is crucial to the modern business. It brings benefits to your business and brand. The visibility of the website and brand is important in this era as more information and competitors are increasing and grow.

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