5 Secrets For Converting Traffic Into Sales

5 Secrets For Converting Traffic Into Sales
Do you know that just because a website is having a high traffic count doesn’t necessary means that they’ll have a high conversion rate too? Once the visitor reach your website, there needs to be something that can catch the visitor’s attention. It could be a clear statement of solution to their problem or description of product meet their needs. In this case, we need to ensure that the customer stays and interact with the website in hopes of purchasing a product. Now let me share with you the secrets for converting traffic into sales!

1. Make your business look legitimate
Visitor feels insecure to purchase online compared to purchase with a brick-and-mortar business. Therefore, it is recommend for a website to display reviews, testimonials and information of the business and team to gain the trust from the visitor. The reviews and testimonials contain the experiences from other buyers which can be a reference to the visitor. The possibility of the visitor to make an order will be increased if the positive reviews and testimonials are in high volume.

2. Write helpful posts in your website
Blog posts can show your expertise in your business field! Some visitors tend to view the blog posts of the website to understand the business more. You can share your events, experiences, information of your business in blog post form so that the visitors can know that your website is up to date. A website with blog posts is preferable by the customer compared to a website without blog posts.

3. Email marketing plan
You can collect the email of the visitors when they visit your website. This is to build a continuous communication with your potential customers. The email can be started with introducing your business to let them know your business and also provide some values to them. Then, you can share your sales and discount events through email and lead them to the sales funnel! The time you engage with them longer, the more likely they will purchase with you when your business meet their need because they are familiar with your business.

4. Clear calls to action
Make your website easy for the visitor to find call to action button. It feels like you are inviting the visitors to purchase with you. The visitors will find your website is convenient to make the next step and they are more likely to follow where your website is leading them to.

5.Check the bounce rate
Bounce rate is the percentage of the visitor who enter your website and then leave without view other pages in your website. It is important to check your bounce rate to help in web traffic analysis. When your bounce rate is high, it means that you have to think the cause for having this bounce rate. It might be your website is not user friendly, or the content is not persuasive enough. Then, you have to take some actions to improve your website. A lower bounce rate has a higher possibility to convert your traffic to sales.

Beautiful and high traffic website means nothing if there are no sales generated. With these 5 secrets, you can optimize your website to increase the conversion rate!

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