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Marslab is a professionals IT company in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Our team are precious to serve your business in software development, application development, search engine optimization, website design and server maintenance. 

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Application Development

We develop beautiful digital products with the purpose to grow your business. Moreover, we analyse your business model, market, and product direction. As well as helping you to create a product that delivers your core business value.

Power of Marslab, an IT company in Johor Bahru.


We develop application on a platform that worked in various mobile platform. Because experts recommanced cross platform development method for efficiency and time saving in application management. 


Reliable software is the key to connect company and consumers. Hence, it enhance user experience and enhance efficiencies for employees to handle your business matter. 


Each project follows development process strictly with fixed cycles. Being that clients allowed to feedback and involve in entire development process.

Software Development

We serve a series of solution for your business to solve your specific problems. Furthermore, we are honor to satisfy your business needs and make your job easier, faster, and more efficient.

Power of Marslab, an IT company in Johor Bahru.


We provided consulting service for you in what kind of software features that your company needs. Besides, we provided the way to achieve the required level of data secuirity.

Development from scratch

We provided development in all respects from the analyse your business to user training and support. In other word, we going to built a software that most suit to your business.

Development based ON requirements

We build the software based on your ideas. As a result, we turn your ideas into real, and ready-to-go solution based on  your requirement.

Website Design

We provide custom website development that work across all popular browsers perfectly. Moreover the websites that we built are deliver user friendly interface, mobile adaptation and good SEO practice.

Power of Marslab, an IT company in Johor Bahru.


We are leading SEO and web design companies Johor bahru. As a result, we design websites that help you generate the most conversions. Besides, our works delivering an attractive design, responsive theme, and user friendly website.

Responsive Web Design

We develop the site features all the web contents based on your company requirement. What is more, the website we built are able to work heavy traffic, so it can handle growth of your organization. Moreover, It capable to work the best on every type of screen.

Website Maintenance

We ensure that your site is always up to date and stays within your financial budget. Besides, we provide services which include reviewing, editing, and more.

Server Maintenance

Due to the our business culture, we excited maintain your server in the best performance. As a matter of fact, we assist you from the maintenance request to an application overhaul.

Power of Marslab, an IT company in Johor Bahru.


We love to assist your company in setup websites, setup email hosting, manage domain and more on your web server. Moreover, we have experience with Windows Servers, and popular Linux control panels such as cPanel.

SERVer Migration

Professionals on board that have migrated dozens of sites to different servers belong to different hosting companies. Moreover, we have good knowledge in troubleshooting, therefore be at ease to let us handle.

COST efficient and dependable

Our hosting platforms have multiple fail-safe features to avoid down times. As a result, it protected the website from natural disasters, hardware failures, virus attacks, unauthorized access and other situations. Moreover, we provided cost efficient server maintenance services.

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We bring world class transformation strategies for application, software and website development. Moreover, we are honer to work with you to reach the next level in your business. 


Mobile application

Customize Mobile Application with Control System

In the information age, a customize mobile application is necessary to grow your business. Mobile application is an essential tool for your store. The reason is allows you to view and manage your store via your mobile device. More importantly, mobile application have make company management process easier.

We are honer to assist your business step ahead. Therefore, We are excited to work with your company.

Power of Marslab, an IT company in Johor Bahru.



E-Commerce Mobile Application

We specialize in e-commerce mobile application design and development to reach your business goals. Therefore, we gather your requirements and we conduct analysis of your competitor, your clients and your business. Being that, we will come out with a customize solution for your business. 

Furthermore, we are good in designing commercially viable and successful online stores for extensive range of industries. Moreover, we work with leading e-commerce platforms like Magento.

Power of Marslab, an IT company in Johor Bahru.


Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

We have necessary niche skills, deep expertise and highly loyal. Leverage our expertise to create a solid foundation for your business. 

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"We approached Marslab recently to develop a huge mobile app. The talented group of programmers and friendly support staff provided a level of creativity and technological outstanding in the industry!"

– M Xuan

" When our customers need software changes to meet new requirements we turn to the professionals at Marslab. We are constantly impressed by their technical expertise and work ethic. They make the extra effort to ensure our requirements are met."

– Jian Kong


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